See What Users Are Saying About CurbAppeal

This product and the detailed libraries are second to none and definitely come highly recommended!

– paul g andrews

If you’re looking for an great way to generate business and separate your service from your competitors, this is it!

– Marsha Collins

This is the best landscaping software I’ve ever seen. We were able to modify the client’s home in a matter of minutes. Once the client saw the improvements they signed the contract on the spot!

– Joey Harding Landscaping Inc

Using CurbAppeal we mocked up several target homes in our local area. We included the altered photos in direct mail marketing pieces to those homes. The results exceeded our expectations! We received a response rate of over 14%. We have never had a response greater than 3%. We only invested about 3 hours to mock up the properties.

– B&F Landscapes LLC

Your software is easy to use and very convincing. I really enjoy working with our customers to bring their ideas to life.

– Adolfo’s Lawn & Garden

Using Curb Appeal we can provide our clients with realistic expectations about a property they are considering. Offering this same software to the client is a good way to help ensure they use our services.

– APrime Mortgage Lenders

V. R. Salleen

RS Contracting LLC

Selling contracting services is a whole lot easier now. Not only that but we have been able to increase sales by offering options that customers had not even considered.

With the aid of Curb Appeal, we can compete effectively even against bigger and more established companies.

J Farrah

Farrah Home Improvements Inc.

We took digital images of two of our previous contracting jobs and added them to the Curb Appeal libraries. We then used those same objects to demonstrate to prospects how those same improvements would look on the customer’s properties.

Bill McCarthur

Phoenix Homeowner

I used the CA application to decide the color of the siding I wanted on my home. My wife selected several color possiblilities and we checked how each of  them looked on our home before talking to a contractor. The contractor matched the color with a siding supplier. Our project came out great!


Barbara Devonone

Elegant Homes Realty

Using Curb Appeal I have been able to demonstrate to buyers how some relatively inexpensive modifications and cosmetic upgrades can substantially improve the look of a property. It has been especially useful on two foreclosure properties that the buyers’ would likely have passed on otherwise.

Actually making the changes while the buyers were looking at the property I think made the difference. The fact that you don’t need to be connected to the internet means the program can be used anywhere you have a PC.

M/M Ferrelli, Auburn NY - Homeowners

We were able to look at our planned improvements which was a great way to make sure we were satisfied with the color, style and overall look of the project.

– Mr & Mrs Anthony Ferrelli

N. Jamison, Owner Jamison Landscape Creations

My husband and I recently started a small landscaping business. Curb Appeal allowed us to jump start our marketing efforts. We spent a little time virtually working on some prospect homes. This effort directly resulted in two new jobs.

– Nancy Jamison

This is a tool that I can use. It’s easy to show my customers on the spot how the suggested changes will look. I have a small business but I think with this software I can grow it significantly.

– Lawn Care Helpers

Making changes virtually saves an awful lot of time & money.

– Mary Ann Phillips