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Now homeowners can use CurbAppeal to quickly determine how a particular product will look when used/installed on your home. Just about any product can be viewed using the images included in the extensive image libraries. If you find a product that is not included in the library it’s easy to add yourself.

With this type of functionality its easy to check how multiple options will look on your home. Stone siding vs. clapboard vs. shake vs. brick. Colors also become a snap…dark blue shutters on white clapboard siding; gray architectural roof with polar white trim, etc. You aren’t limited to exterior options either. Interiors can be repainted, wallpapered, de-cluttered. Rugs or hardwood flooring can be added. Landscaping of course can really be a game-changer for improving the “curb appeal” of your home. Add a lawn, trees, hedges, floral touches, landscape groupings and much more. Its quick and its totally virtual!

Care to see how easy it is to figure out colors, styles, options? Don’t want to risk having to re-do work that may not turn out the way you were hoping? Take a quick look at our short videos which demonstrate how CurbAppeal help ensure that this type of situation does not occur.



My wife and I were totally undecided as to the color & type of siding we should pick for our home. Using Curb Appeal we were able to narrow down our choices and finally decided on light blue 3″ Clapboard with dark blue shutters. The result was very attractive and we were extremely happy with the whole process.

– John Linscom

We couldn’t decide on the paint color for our newly constructed Great Room. We tried many, many color swatches but they did not allow you to get the full impact of the color. Finally, in desperation, we loaded all of the paint colors into our Curb Appeal program and were able to fairly quickly decide on the proper color and trim. The result of that exercise is that both my husband and I are extrememly happy with our choice. Thanks

– Mrs Mary DiGiovanni

Our landscaping needed help but we were overwhelmed with the options and unsure what direction we should take. Our neighbor told us about Curb Appeal and we decided to give it a try. We tried out several different themes or styles of landscaping and came to the conclusion that we should go with a Southwestern theme. Once we had the basics worked out we visited a nursery, showed the salesperson our altered photo of our front, side and backyards. He suggested several additional changes and was able to arrange to get the job done just the way we wanted it. Curb Appeal saved us not only a lot of time & effort but we also saved money since we took the same altered image to other nurseries that gave us estimates on doing the exact same work.

– Haley Carson