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  • Easy photo realistic alterations to any image
  • Modify exteriors, interiors, landscaping
  • Digital changes can be made right in front of customer
  • Extensive library of with thousands of objects & textures
  • Customizable libraries controlled by user
  • Customizable database identifies product details
  • Works with any version of Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8)
  • Cost effective way to convince customers
  • Great low cost option for sharing with customers
  • Money back guarantee


CurbAppeal Visioning Tool

How would you like to be able to view any type of home alteration before anyone picks up a hammer, shovel or paint brush? Well now you can! CurbAppeal makes that a reality. Not only can you help ensure that alterations meet expectations but it becomes a great sales tool as well. Demonstrate to prospects or customers how your proposals can greatly enhance their property.

Now you have the power to visually alter any property and you can easily use this tool to make those changes right in front of a customer, buyer or prospect. The changes are photo realistic and can be printed, emailed or uploaded to the web. By the way, the changes are not confined to exteriors either. Interiors and landscaping can also be altered; everything from a yard “clean up” to an extreme makeover.

Don’t be confused with other graphics software which promise “photo realistic” results but produce relatively crude drawings or renderings. The high resolution objects and textures used in CurbAppeal mean altered images that cannot be distinguished from an original photograph.

The software uses simple drag & drop technology and comes with an extensive library of objects and textures that can be applied to any “before” photo. You are limited only by your imagination!

The best part is that this amazing technology is unbelievably affordable. You won’t pay a small fortune or lots of on-going fees. The one time cost is only $149. For details, see the Order Now page.



Click below to watch videos demonstrating the ease with which changes can be made using CurbAppeal


Virtual Magic



Home Improvement Assessment Program

          • All purchasers receive free access to our exclusive Home Improvement Assessment Program
          • Our experts can answer Emailed questions about many specific home improvements
          • Includes guidance as to which projects normally result in Highest payback in terms of added value
          • Includes key information on the range of potential costs based on various surveys of similar projects
          • Includes information on ways to measure the approximate materials needed for the project
          • Includes links to various websites that can aid professionals or homeowners in planning & completing project

This is another great feature of CurbAppeal. It’s absolutely free for users of the application and is invaluable for anyone contemplating a home improvement project.