The Challenge

It’s no secret that professionals in many industries are faced with intense competition for business. One of the keys to separating yourself from the rest of the field and transforming potential customers into actual business is the ability to clearly and effectively present a vision of how your products/services will enhance a property.

Our Response

RepTech has developed a unique digital imaging product that allows professionals to easily and photo realistically create “Before and After” images. The “after” images are a great way to effectively highlight the benefits of the product or service provided by the professional.  The product is CurbAppeal and it’s been designed from the ground up to be simple to use but very powerful.

Curb Appeal can be used in a multitude of professions and is also available to individual homeowners. It’s perfect for situations where a customer or consumer wants to make sure the intended alteration(s) enhance the look or utility of the property. Why spend the time and money to paint a home exterior or interior only to decide after its painted that it wasn’t the right color choice? This is the one tool that prevents those kinds of situations.

Customer Home Improvement Program

Our unique Customer Home Improvement Program allows CurbAppeal users to receive comparative information about specific improvements they may be considering. Using various published sources and historical data our staff can provide important valuation data for many projects as well average project cost and buyer preference information.

This is a great way for users to get independent data regarding desired home improvements.