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Interior Designers and Stagers

Interior Designers and Stagers use CurbAppeal to demonstrate the “vision” of a room or multiple rooms to the prospective client. Colors, styles, materials, accessories, etc. can all be quickly & easily viewed in real time.

Home owners have the opportunity to see exactly how the finished job will appear. This can even include repainting, new carpeting and different accessories. There are no misunderstandings and no unhappy clients.

With this tool its easy to enlist others like the Realtor or client in digitally making changes that they want to see. Don’t be confused with other products where alterations show up looking like a sketch or crude drawing. Alterations with CurbAppeal are photo realistic. Once you agree on the changes, begin turning virtual into reality.

Think of the opportunities; virtually de-clutter a tacky room; experiment with all types of colors, fabrics and styles before committing time and money; convince the Realtor of the benefits of Staging; work on design or staging before you even see the space, etc, etc.

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Already Furnished Space?

Using CurbAppeal, Designers and Stagers are able to quickly demonstrate options and colors even in cases where the existing space is furnished! That’s right, using features within the program you can lay down a new floor or carpet, repaint the walls and add different furniture despite the fact that the room is furnished.

The program accomplishes this magic through a layering process which allows for the specific placement of new objects or textures on top of the “before” image.

  • Over 4,500 images built into library
  • Just about any type of alteration can be included
  • Photo realistic alterations usually mean immediate client response

Already Furnished SpaceLiving Room Digitally Re-imagined IIAlready Furnished Space Digitally Vacated

 Virtual De-Clutter

If the prospect’s room(s) look like they’ve been visited by a tornado, sometimes all you need to do is virtually de-clutter. The same process used to stage already furnished space makes it easy to cover the clutter and replace it with new carpet, clean walls, desirable objects, etc. Adding a new floor and repainting the walls actually covers the clutter and returns the room to a much more “sale-able” state.

By the way, you can even show the local Realtor how a de-cluttered front or rear yard will add to the home’s curb appeal.

  • Add new carpet or hardwood flooring
  • Experiment with unlimited paint colors
  • Add furniture which really complements the space

Messy BasementInterior Designers DeclutterInterior Designers DeclutterInterior Designers Declutter

Demonstrate Your Vision

Remember, this tool is designed to make it easy to demonstrate  to clients your “vision” of the space. Once clients see and appreciate the possibilities its up to you to turn the virtual into reality. It’s neither helpful nor ethical to present the altered image as a finished product to unseen customers.

Using CurbAppeal and your laptop or Windows Tablet, all you need to do is take a digital image of the “before” space, and then make your changes right in front of the client.

  • New paint
  • New carpeting or hardwood floor
  • Gas fireplace
  • Accessories

The altered on-screen images can simply be shown to the client for their reaction. Of course you can also print, Email & “brand” the images if you desire.

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