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Pool Installers

CurbAppeal comes complete with a library containing dozens of different types and styles of in-ground and above ground pools and accessories. The library can be easily expanded to include other pools, accessories and landscaping options.

Since this tool is “drag & drop”, its simple enough to be used by sales personnel when sitting with the customer. Rather than just showing customers or prospects a catalog of pools and various options (diving boards, copings, masonry, etc) demonstrate on a photo realistic basis how those features will look when situated on the customer’s property. The pools can be re-sized and the perspective adjusted so everything is indeed photo realistic. You can do all this before investing time and effort in doing detailed plans including elevation drawings, etc.

Pool installers also use CurbAppeal to increase their business by demonstrating to customers or prospects features & accessories they may not have even considered. Decks or landscaping can be easily added to the pool area completing a total transformation of the customer’s property.

Portion of Pool & Spa Library



Get Customer Buy-in Up Front – Using this technology allows pool installers to secure customer buy-in before spending lots of time & effort measuring and creating detailed architectural renderings. CurbAppeal is a low cost addition to your sales team!


Expand Customer Project – Demonstrating how the customer’s selected projected can be enhanced with additional features can mean additional profits. With drag and drop technology its easy to show the customer upgrades while sitting at the kitchen table.


Customize The Libraries – Take images of your own previous projects and quickly include them in your library. Now you can show new customers and prospects how that type of project would fit in with their own landscaping.


Scale Projects -You can easily scale projects so they seamlessly fit the  setting. Projects can be precisely placed in the selected area of the subject photo and shown in the correct perspective so the project appears photo realistic. Colors, objects and accessories can be added or deleted to meet the customer’s desires.


Brand Altered Photos – The altered images can be branded with your name, contact info, taglines, etc. If you would like, you can print, email or upload the image to the web.


Sales Personnel Do The Work – Since the software is so easy to work with, the sales personnel in the field can actually make the changes while sitting with the prospect. The drag & drop technology means you don’t have to create the rendering back in the office and then re visit the prospect to go over the ideas.